Sonhando Estwick

Educator & Traveler

About Sonhando Estwick

Sonhando Estwick has been an educator for over 20 years. He is currently serving as the Principal at Tompkins Square Middle School. He truly cherishes being able to impact people’s lives in a positive way and has strived to do so in every aspect of his life.

Over the years, Sonhando has developed a love for traveling. His first passion, however, was music. Upon graduating from Berklee School of music Sonhando Estwick moved to Paris, France where he toured and performed for over four years. Most notably Sonhando was invited to tour and record with the world-renowned saxophonist Steve Lacy. Sonhando Estwick also co-led a jazz quintet that was invited to perform in Djibouti. Being exposed to so many different cultures instilled in him a true passion for travel.

While he has been to many places, one has continued to stand out through the years: Tuscany, Italy. Located in central Italy, Tuscany is one of the stand-out cities not only in Italy, but in Europe as a whole. The region is surrounded by coastline and miles of sandy beaches, with rocky cliffs scattered along. The scenery is full of rich history and heritage found in the towns, churches, and castles in the area.

Sonhando Estwick’s favorite part of Tuscany is the Val d’Orcia region, covered in seemingly endless green rolling hills. The only thing better than the panoramic views are the foods and wines available in the area. Val d’Orcia is known for its vineyards and the renowned wines of Brunello. It’s also known for its local products including pecorino cheese, olive oil, saffron, truffles, and endless selections of wine.

The combination of breathtaking landscapes and mouth-watering fresh, local food is what has drawn Sonhando Estwick to Tuscany five times in the last ten years. Being able to make memories to last a lifetime, with the people he loves, in such an unforgettable place will keep drawing him back again and again.